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Tibet Overland Tour
This Fly in/ Fly out tour of the heart of Tibet follows a circular route from Tsetand to



There is probably no other country in the world that arouses as much curiosity as this vast expanse of myth and religion known to the world as Tibet. Steeped deep in religious mysticism and ancient practices.

In Tibet each mountain has its own story and each story is the quintessence of fortitude and steadfastness, a quality that the denizens of the land hold most precious. Share these immortal moments with the mountains and its people.

Everest in Tibet straddles the east section of the Nepal/Tibet border, with its northern side lying in the Tingri Country. Before 1949 all approaches had to be made from Tibet as Nepal was closed. Once the latter opened its doors that of the former were shut. It was only in 1980 that Tibet was reopened for expeditions and with that a whole new world of exciting opportunities unfolded.

Since the earliest Himalayan expeditions the North Ridge has represented staggering achievement. It was this side of the mountain that the pioneering British expeditions of the early 1900's had come. Reinhold Messner had this to say. "......the north side of Everest was to me one of the most historic and interesting places of all".

The route is complex and difficult and the summit day long and tiring but the allure of climbing the Everest from the Tibet side is always magical.

Base camp is established at Rongbuk glacier at 5180m though the real climbing starts at camp 1 at an elevation of 7000m


Itinerary of Everest Expedition From Tibet in Detail

Days 01 : Arrival Kathmandu, transfer to hotel, Bed & Breakfast Basis (B/B)

Days 02 : Kathmandu free , hotel B/B

Days 03 : Kathmandu Free , hotel B/B

Days 04 : Drive to Kodari, transfer to hotel F/B

Days 05 : Drive to Nyalam, hotel F/B

Days 06 : Drive to Shegar, hotel F/B

Days 07 : Rest day for acclimatize

Days 08 : Drive to Chinese Base Camp

Days 09 - 12 : Transfer to Advance Base Camp

Days 13 - 54 : Climbing Period of Everest

Days 55 : Back to Advance Base Camp

Days 56 : Drive to Old Tingri, hotel F/B

Days 57 : Drive to Zhangmu, hotel F/B

Days 58 : Drive to Kathmandu, transfer to hotel B/B

Days 59 : Reserve day in Kathmandu, hotel B/B

Days 60 : Final Departure

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