Kailash Tour

The journey to Mt. Kailash is a spectacular and unique and for most people a once-in-a-life- time experience. However, it is rigorous and challenging too where a considerable amount of time is spent at high altitudes. The drive to Mt. Kailash itself is very difficult over poorly maintained and almost non-existent roads. While the drive to Mt. Kailash allows for acclimatization, the pilgrimage still takes place at altitudes ranging from 15,000ft to 18,000ft. and altitude sickness is a potential complication. Prospective travellers should be in good health. Those with a history of medical problems, particularly cardiac or respiratory, should consult a doctor before deciding to take part in the tour.

For hundred of years, pilgrims have made their sacred journey to Mt. Kailash to perform the ancient ritual of circumambulation. A full circuit of the peak, known as ‘parikrama’ or ‘kora’ by Tibetans, represents one turn of the wheel of life. The circuit, approximately 32 miles, is also one of the most important pilgrimages in Asia.

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