A remnant of Shangri-La, the secretive Dragon Kingdom is still cloaked in mystery. The people here cling to an 18th century way of life and tradition which is fast disappearing. Breathtaking scenic beauty, centuries old temples, dzongs (fortress) and monasteries form the culture and spirit of Bhutan, a Himalayan journey to the past. The kingdom of Bhutan is an exotic land of high mountains and lush valleys, snow-clad peaks and clear running springs, a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wildlife. In an age when the entire world is concerned about the irrecoverable loss of its ecology, Bhutan emerges as a fine example, with more than 60 percent of its terrain still under a rich forest coverage. Rare species of plat life abound as the heavy tropical jungles gradually give way to the mixed temperate region and then to the high alpine areas.

Since the first monasteries were built in the seventh century, hundreds of these sacred sites have been established over the years. Thousands of stupas and prayer flags right across the country strengthen both the internal beliefs and the image of the nation as the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism. The influence of Buddhism is visible in the daily lives of the people. The Bhutanese family begins the day by paying their respects to their deities. Annual religious ceremonies are conducted with reverences by every household as are numerous other rituals. On auspicious days, the Bhutanese people climb for hours to the high perched monasteries to offer their butter lamps and prayers.

Information of Bhutan:

All foreign tourists traveling to Bhutan must arrange all-inclusive package tours organized by an agent. The Royal Government of Bhutan does not grant tourist visa to independent and individual travelers.

First select the Tour program you are willing to undertake and finalize the dates. We will check the availability of the Druk Air flights for the dates

We will send you the program including flight reservation, invoice and payment instruction.

You will have to transfer the full amount to the Bank of Bhutan to be credited our account. Bank charges involved should be borne by yourself.

Fill up the Visa application form and forward to us. Your visa will be processed only after the receipt of payment. We will acknowledge you the receipt of the payment by e-mail or fax.

It takes minimum 10 days to process visa. So, the payment should arrive in Bhutan well in time.

The Tourism Authority of Bhutan issues visas clearance letter with a reference number, which in fact, is the confirmation of your visa. You will be intimated the visa reference number.

With this reference number, you can get your flight ticket issued from the Druk Air in Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta or Bangkok or you can make this arrangement for you.

Your passport is stamped with actual visa at the port/boarder of entrance to Bhutan against the payment of cash US 20 with 2-passport size photographs. Extra copies of photos will be an advantage.

Packages for Bhutan