Sikkim Darjeeling Trek

Sikkim, the land of high Mountains and monasteries. The Land of mysticism evoked partly by grandeur of Kanchenjunga and its natural beauty. Inside the 70 monasteries (approx) of this small country are fascinating murals, images of hundreds of deities from Tibetan Buddhist pantheon. Buddhism is an integral thread in the life of the Simmimese and you are constantly reminded of it during your travel. Lepchas were the first settlers to settle in Sikkim, then came Bhutias from Bhutan in the 15th century. In early 19th century Nepalese occupied the large part of the Sikkim. Thus you will be delighted to find cultures in this small land.

Amongst the hill stations of India, Darjeeling has had a checkered and curious history of its own.Darjeeling, the home of the Everest hero, late Tenzing Norgay is a typical and picturesque hill town, cut into the steep sides of the mountains, its terraced slops providing stunning views of the mighty Kanchenjunga range. The region is lush and tropical and the drive up from the plains through soft green tea garden up into forested heights with their orchards and ferms is a constant delights.

There are two fascinating and regarding treks-one in Darjeeling and the other in Sikkim.

#Note: Special permission required for trekking in Sikkim. Prescribed application forms complete in triplicate with three copies of the passport size photographs must reach 6 weeks prior to the arrival of the group in India.

Packages for Sikkim Darjeeling Trek