For the people residing in the hills of Nepal, walking trails, bridges and crossing rivers barefoot has always been the way of getting from one place to another. Even today the majority of these villages can still only be reached by foot. Thus trekking in Nepal means walking those trails and narrow bridges through forests and bare countryside.

A trekking trip can be of any length you choose since Nepal offers popular treks ranging from a week long to a maximum of 30 days and these can be around the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara or the remote regions of Dolpo and Mustang. One can even string together a series of popular treks and trek for months.

The scenery, the people, the culture, the flora and fauna combined with all the other elements one encounters, while walking, makes trekking in Nepal a memorable experience. It is an experience of a lifetime to get up close to the great mountains and feel their power.

Packages for Trekking